Today's homes are focusing on the entire family and their individual needs. At Klaybor & Associates, we bridge the gap between ideas and solid structure.

With over twenty-five years and thousands of homes designed in North Florida, Klaybor & Associates has the experience and proficiency you're looking for in a home designer. We would like the opportunity to work with you, designing your next construction project, bridging the gap between ideas and solid structure.

If you're a builder needing a portfolio of plans, a family designing your new home, or simply adding onto your existing home, we will fulfill your ideas. Builders and home owners alike have found satisfaction in our creative and efficient home plans.




LARRY KLAYBOR  |  President & CEO

"My inspiration in life is my children. They bring out all that is good in me. I am inspired in business by people who take/come from nothing and become successfull. The American Dream."


JASON FIFER  |   Senior Designer, Quality Control

"I admire and study anything that's been done well. I soak in as much as I can and use it to improve whatever I do. Always learning, always growing.