It has been suggested that our greatest achievements are based on our innovative ideas and how we apply them.

We feel that it is equally important to consider our clients' needs as it is to remain true to architectural style. Both must be done without compromising each other.

Our firm's design team takes every opportunity to challenge our creativity and incorporate our clients needs into plan and function.


The basic definition of the word "home" seems to be evolving. Today's homeowners are more likely to view their home as a retreat, a safe harbor from the storm. Factor in the enormous time constraints on today's typical family and the desire to spend quality time together, and you have the requirements unique to custom home design in the twenty first century.

Klaybor & Associates, established in 1985, was founded on the premise of specializing in new custom home design. Our design philosophy embraces both proportional balance & tasteful detail. Our eclectic approach to home design has resulted in some truly innovative "hybrid" residences. Today's homes are focusing on the entire family and their individual needs. From outdoor living areas, common family areas, to home computer centers, the floor plan is reflective of the family that will call it home.

Our firm boasts an impressive 75 years combined experience in residential design. This experience translates into homes that are created with proven techniques of space planning, livability and aesthetic integrity. To recognize our level of success, one needs to look no further than the local design awards won by our builder clients year after year. Our satisfied clients, whether individuals or builders, have become our best form of recognition.

At Klaybor & Associates, every opportunity to challenge our creativity, by incorporating your ideas in plan and function, is met head on by our design team and all those involved in the development of your custom home project. We look forward, now and in the future, to helping you achieve your goals for your new home.